My Weekend in Lancaster

I'm currently sitting in the BWI Airport after a pretty incredible weekend with Daniel in Lancaster, PA. I got to make an impromptu visit after the company he works for gave me the chance to interview (fingers-crossed!!), and while I was here I fell even more in love with my potential future home. 

I always thought I would be more of a city girl, as evidence of my first post here, but after this weekend I think I have found the perfect place for me. Lancaster is a bit of everything and (even better) is near everything. The city of Lancaster itself is beautiful and has a ton of little boutiques, shops and pubs, along with a year round farmers market--it reminded me a lot of River Street in Savannah, GA. The surrounding area of Lancaster has every outlet store you have ever wanted--Loft, PotteryBarn, Ralph Lauren, Fossil, you name it, they have it.

Daniel and I woke up early on Saturday and went to the Farmer's Market to have breakfast. We wound up getting some Mean Cup coffee and some donuts from Shady Maple--they were both amazing!
Also in celebration of getting my interview, we ate at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord which is an Amish Buffet that seats 2,000 people and has a huge gift shop. You can actually see the Google Maps walkthrough of the whole complex here

The best part about it is there is parking for the Amish outside.

And on our way back to Daniel's apartment, we saw a lot of Amish riding horse and carriages. Here's an attempt at a drive by photo here:

It was a really great trip, and on top of having a chance at a great job I got to see Daniel and discover Lancaster with him.